Why Give ? 

So why do our local Catholic Schools need your help?
While it is true that our local Catholic Schools receive a portion of their funding from the provincial government’s education grants, it is only 50% of the per pupil operating cost of our local public school district. 
Parents and families of students usually bear the largest portion of the costs associated as they pay fees per student registered in our schools.
Our local parishes also contribute funds annually in support of their mandate to provide and ensure a Catholic Education is available for all Catholic families.
Capital improvement projects, facilities, etc. are not funded by government in any way and as such must come out of our operating budget entirely.
This is true for all BC Catholic schools.
The goal of our Catholic Schools is to provide a focused and appropriate education that is reflected and obtained through Catholic principles and teaching, while striving to prepare the whole person for a successful life here on earth and for their eternal soul in heaven.
Your gift is one small way that you can help in our common pursuit of this goal for each of our local families.

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Annual Fundraising Events 

Every year St. Joe's hosts one major fundraising event.
This event has grown in scope over the years to become one of the premier opportunities to offer support for our local schools.
This year St. Joe's is focusing on raising money for its new playground.
We built our new playground during the summer of 2020 and it was ready for the start of the new school year in September 2020.
We could not have done this without your ongoing support and we appreciate all the fundraising that has already been organized by our students, parents, PSG and School Council, as well as others in Nelson.
Thank you!
If you would like to Donate to St. Joseph School or the playground, please email the school, or send an e-transfer:

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