Health and Safety Plan for COVID -19

St. Joseph School has created a Communicable Disease Plan that sets out protocols and standards for the return to school of students and staff in September 2021 amid the COVID19 pandemic.
This plan is to ensure the safety and wellness of all students and staff and to maintain a safe and healthy school environment. 
For full details, please click on this link (Updated February 23, 2021): St. Joseph Elementary School, Nelson Restart Plan
St. Joseph COVID Communicable Disease Checklist (February 18, 2022)
Superintendent COVID-19 Update Letter (September 7, 2021)
Superintendent COVID-19 Update Letter Masks K-9 (October 1, 2021)
Interior Health Regional Restrictions Letter (December 3, 2021)
Ministry of Health News Release (March 10, 2022) 


Daily Health Checks must be completed at home before coming to school.
Please click on these links for your daily health check (Updated January 2022): BCs K-12 Health Check, follow the  Daily Health Check and What to Do When Sick