Parent Support Group (PSG)

St. Joseph School is proud to have a strong and supportive parent organization.
For the school to be successful, it is absolutely necessary for parents to become involved in the life of the school. 
Parents are requested and encouraged to be active members of the PSG.
The PSG is greatly involved in fund raising activities and has enjoyed tremendous success in this area.
Many of these activities not only raise much needed funds, but brings together students, teachers, parents, family, friends, and parishioners developing our school community and enhancing our whole Christian community.
Each family is required to complete 8 hours of volunteering throughout the school year.
The PSG employs an “honour system” to track volunteer hours. 
Each family is responsible for tracking their own volunteer hours.
The “Volunteer Hour Tracking Sheet” can be found here.
All volunteers are required to complete a criminal record check and must have read and signed the Diocesan Policy for Safe Environment.
Please contact the office for information about the next Safe Environment training session.
PSG Constitution Document 
PSG Email Address: moc.liamg@shpesojtsgsp

St. Joe's Got Talent & Volunteer Appreciation Performance 2023

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& their 2020-2021 Appreciation Performance.


Bloom Fest

PSG - 1st Annual Bloom Fest 2023 Video

Meet the PSG Executives:

Co-Chairs – Danelle Rees & Tara Kenny
Part-Time Chair – Melanie Ward
Secretary – Samantha Zaytsoff 
Treasurer - Tracy Mace 
Fundraising Coordinators – Laine Ferguson & Milenia Bak
Volunteer Hours Coordinators – Jennifer Gorsline & Melanie Ward
Hot Lunch Coordinators - Shauna Downey & Becky Lauriente 
Scholastics & Mabel Labels - Vacant


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School Council

The School Council is responsible for the financing of the school and the establishment of policies and procedures for the efficient and safe management of our school.
Meetings of the School Council are held each month. All parents and parishioners are invited to attend these open meetings.
The positions of the School Council include Chairperson, Policy Chair, Finance Chair, Education Chair, Maintenance Chair, Public Relations, Secretary and the Pastor.


Meet The School Council

Co-Chairs - Brie McWade & Danielle Sutherland
Treasurer - Chanel Burgener
Pastor - Father Jojo
Maintenance - Brian Renwick
Transportation - Danielle Sutherland
Secretary - Leanna Andrews 
Members - Sergio Chavarri, Tina Pimentel, Martina Mejeba & Vince Vulcano