Posted Aug. 30, 2022

Back to School Plan

Back to School Plan
St. Joseph Communicable Disease Prevention Practices 
September 1, 2022
  • Regular opportunities to sanitize or wash hands will be facilitated. Frequent hand hygiene will be encouraged, especially before and after sharing items.
  • The decision to wear a mask is a personal choice. A person's choice is to be supported and respected.
  • The personal space of others will be respected.
  • Good respiratory etiquette practices will be reinforced: Cough/sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, and immediately wash your hands; Refrain from touching your face with unwashed hands; Refrain from sharing any food or drink.
  • HEPA Filters will remain in all classrooms and workspaces. Windows will be opened when the weather permits, for ventilation.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection will occur at least once per day for all frequently touched surfaces/items and when visibly dirty.
  • Parent/Visitor/Community entry will continue through the front doors (Mill Street entrance). All guests will be asked to sign in/out at the office. Please perform your daily health check before arrival.
  • Curriculum, Programs, Activities and Field Trips will follow the outlined communicable disease prevention practices.
  • Ministry or Regional school restrictions may be implemented throughout the year. Updates will be sent out if necessary.


Please visit our website for more information or call the school.