Posted Oct. 10, 2020

Raffle Fundraiser Due Oct. 16

Raffle Fundraiser Due Oct. 16

Dear St. Joseph Families,

Last weekend to sell raffle tickets!!!

The student with the most tickets sold will win $100.

The class with the most tickets sold will win a Pizza Party.

The deadline to hand in the ticket booklets is October16th,2020.   ALL ticket booklets must be returned, no matter if all the tickets in it are sold or not.  We are held accountable for the tickets.

The draw will be held during a special assembly on Oct 23rd,2020 at 10:00 am.

Licensing has asked us to do this:

Please cross off the old date and put the new date on all tickets.

Contact any people that have bought tickets already and let them know of the new date.

When selling tickets please do it online or by phone and not door to door.

When selling tickets online, please only take payments by  etransfer or cheque. Take a picture or scan the ticket and send it to the purchaser. Do not make out the ticket until you receive payment. They do not need the actual copy.

If you are wanting more tickets or returning the sold tickets please put them in an envelope and contact Becky @ or 250-551-5081.

We are asking each student to be responsible for the sale of ten tickets (= 1 booklet value of $100). If every Student does this, we will raise over $12,000 – though of course our aim is to sell all 2,000 tickets. Students/families are welcome to sell more than one booklet.  A maximum of 2 booklets at a time can be outstanding; please return your sold tickets and money as you go.

We thank you for your support with this fundraiser – it is our biggest of the year!

The Parent Support Group of St. Joseph School,

Becky Lauriente and  Melanie Commazzetto