Posted Sep. 3, 2021

St. Joseph Protocol Updates

St. Joseph Protocol Updates
St. Joseph COVID Protocols for September 2021
  • Daily health check  before arriving at school for all staff and students.  Download the K to 12 Health Check App on your smartphone.
  • Sanitize or wash your hands before entering a new space and as you leave a space (including when coming into the playground/school in the morning)
  • All staff & students Grades 4-9 are required to wear a mask while inside the school. 
  • Staggered entry/exit and recesses will remain in place, but there will no longer be cohorts.
  • HEPA Filters in all classrooms and work spaces
  • Daily cleaning will occur twice per day for all high touch surfaces.
  • Visitors will continue to be by appointment only if possible.
  • Parent entry will continue to be through the front doors only and must sign in/out.
  • Field trips will continue to follow destinations’ COVID protocols.
  • Additional regional school restrictions may be implemented by Interior Health throughout the year.  Updates will be sent out if put in place. (See attached IH Schools Letter – Sept 1, 2021) - 2 class only in a single indoor space, 100 people outdoors
Please visit our website for more information or call the school.