Star awards

At St Joseph School we celebrate our Star Students. Usually this is done at assembly on a Monday morning. As we are temporarily unable to gather in person, we wanted to continue with this tradition and post our star awards on our website. Congratulations Stars for your ongoing efforts as we work together online.

Star Students for monday June 15

Grade 1: Daxton Davis
Grade 2: Michael Holowaychuk 
Grade 4: Lucas Lauriente
Grade 6: Cassius Moncur

Star Students for monday June 8

Grade 1: Hudson Wilkinson
Grade 3/4: Wilson McDermid 
Grade 4: Bon Sully
Grade 6: Gabe McIntosh
Grade 7: Sailor Sather

Star Students for monday June 1

Grade 3/4: Cedric Bozzi & Bode Reel
Grade 4: Yhandrae Pillas
Grade 5: Lewis Hadfield & Caeden Rennie
Grade 6: Ava Brown
Grade 7: Nathaniel Donisi

Star Students for Tuesday May 25

KIndergarten: Ben Holowaychuk
Grade 1: Alex Szczepanski
Grade 2:  AJ Villanueva
Grade 3/4: Brooklyn Kenny & Griffin Ferguson
Grade 4: Grace Doerksen 
Grace 6: Clark Sully
Grade 7: Grace Udall
French: Elena Bergevin (grade 5) & Chrisel Ison (grade 7)

Star Students for Tuesday May 19

Kindergarten: Lucas Xu
Grade 1: Mika Lampron
Grade 2:  Diego Andrade Salvatore
Grade 3/4:  Ela Hildred & Windsor Wilkinson
Grade 4: Xander Hynes 
Grade 5: Bronson Schmidtke
Garde 6: Abigail Beutel

Star Students for Monday May 11

Kindergarten: Owen Renwick
Grade 1: Zoey Kenny
Grade 2:  Noah Cataford
Grade 3/4: Kaitlyn Posnikoff  &  Sabian Smith 
Grade 4: Maya Decker 
Grade 5: Christina Buffonge
Grade 6: Xavier Mathieson
Grade 7: Aron Sutton
Grade 8:  Kaiden Bergevin                                 French:  Braden Pavelich & Isobel Seyfried                                                                     

Star Students for Monday May 4

Kindergarten: Marlo Hanna, Beau Mahoney, Braden Pavelich, Oliver Short
Grade 1:  Ben Sutherland
Grade 2:  Masi Comazzetto
Grade 3/4:  Jack Denny
Grade 4:  Winston Andrews
Grade 5:  Aurora Carver
Grade 6:  Liam Dickieson
Grade 7:  Mia Schroeder
Grade 8:  Kelsey Palazzo                                                                                         French Star Awards: Ela Hildred (grade 3) & Albie Drysdale (grade 8)